What we want:

Our research project eCoInnovate IT aims at developing measures for a sustainable use of ICT. Above all, this is represented by responsible production, distribution, use and disposal of information and communication technology. Sustainable use of ICT therefore concerns individual smartphone users, providers of rental devices or organizations possessing extensive IT infrastructure equally.

What we are looking for:

In order to reach our goal of sustainable consumption of ICT, we depend on contributions from ICT users, ICT providers, enterprises, organizations and associations who are willing to become involved. We aim to develop ideas for sustainable sourcing, (re-)utilization and disposal of ICT in cooperation with these stakeholders and to test these ideas over a pilot phase of about 18 months.
Are you interested in contributing to case studies or have you launched a project on sustainable use of ICT? Then please contact us via phone or e-mail. Interested individuals and organizations will have the opportunity to participate in interviews, life cycle assessments, case studies, training courses and presentations and to contribute their ideas to our project.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact us via email!


Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Frank Teuteberg
Osnabrück University
School of Business Administration and Economics
Department of Accounting and Information Systems
Katharinenstr. 1
49074 Osnabrück


This web presence is part of the project “Sustainable Consumption of Information and Communication Technologies in the Digital Society − Dialogue and Transformation through open innovation”.
The project is funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung) through the “Niedersächsisches Vorab” grant programme (grant number VWZN3037).


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