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Sustainable consumption of information and communication technologies in the digital society – dialogue and transformation through open innovation


Sustainable development is posing new challenges for scholars. For instance the analysis of dependencies between information and communication technologies, human behaviour and our environment is a top issue on the agenda.
The ecological and economical effects of our digital lives are numerous. Raising air-, soil- and water- emissions, the use of rare metals, an increasing energy consumption are as well part of it as the social changes through segregation in (virtual) communities and socioeconomical changes in developing countries through the disposal of e- waste.


Goals and Process

We aim at integrating various actors (companies, consumers, politicians) in the development of sustainable products, services, business models and legal frameworks.
In a first step, the concrete expectations and attitudes of single actors and interest groups will be collected. This way, we will cover the psychological as well as the ethnographic level.
Considering these outcomes, political and business measures, which aim at integrating external actors in innovation processes such as advisory councils, participatory product development, Repair Cafés, governmental incentive measures and policy initiatives, will be developed.
Citizens and institutional actors have the possibility to participate actively in workshops, citizen forums, Fireside Chats and open lectures.

The outcome of the project will be available to open public through the publication of best practices, manuals, recommendations or checklists. Above that, pilot projects involving regional actors will be organised.

Project Facts

Project Volume
1,77 m € funded by the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung) through the “Niedersächsisches Vorab” grant programme (grant number VWZN3037).

Project Acronym
eCoInnovate IT
Project Homepage
Project Duration
15.02.2015 bis 14.05.2018
Project Partners
University of Osnabrück
University of Oldenburg
University of Lüneburg
Diverse practice partners and disseminators

Scientific Project Managament
Prof. Dr. Frank Teuteberg
Department of Accounting and Information Systems

Operational Project Administration

M.Sc. Danielle Warnecke
Department of Accounting and Information Systems


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