Scientific Digest – Walterbusch et al. (2015)

Walterbusch, M.; Martens, B.; Teuteberg, F. (2015): A Decision Model for the Evaluation and Selection of Cloud Computing Services: A First Step Towards a More Sustainable Perspective, In: International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making (IJITDM); Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 253-285.

This paper presents a decision model for evaluating and selecting Cloud Computing Services. A strong focus is put on the economic, environmental and social perspectives which are subsumed under the term ‘sustainable information systems management’. The model supports decision makers in comprehensively evaluating relevant cost types. This work seeks to formulate a realistic model by applying a combination of deductive and inductive steps to reveal the core characteristics of Cloud Computing Services and their economic, environmental and social impacts. For the construction of the pricing model and the determination of carbon emission costs, the paper draws on several theoretical and practical sources. The quality of the model is confirmed on the one hand by expert interviews and on the other hand by the outcomes of a simulation study including two scenarios and a statistical evaluation. The presented research results clarify the need to consider more than the economic dimension — including factors and attributes of sustainable information systems management — in evaluating and selecting Cloud Computing Services.

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